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Our Motto; “ Preparing you for the world ” to face the challenges of the ever increasing competition in the global market of modern day business to achieve and realize your dreams.  Here, at Stradford, with our expertise and experience spanning over 2 decades in industry - relevant education supported by our team of highly qualified and experienced lecturers from the world of academia and industry will assist and guide you to nurture your best talents.The college offers various programs from the faculties of foundation studies   ( FIS & CPU ), Engineering, IT, Business & Hotel Management. 

Our well developed, market driven, and industry - relevant courses are approved/ accredited by Malaysian qualification agency ( MQA ). Committed to provide high quality education, we bring extremely affordable and high quality education pathways for our graduates of diploma and foundation studies.

Our diploma graduates have the option to choose a progression pathway to a degree or masters either by opting for advanced entry into the degree programs with any of our partner universities for full time studies or by taking up Wawasan university ( WOU ) degree programs at Stradford itself, while working.

We provide progression pathways with advanced entry into degree programs with extremely affordable fee rates in Canada, Poland with option for automatic work permit and lucrative job opportunities leading to PR. We also transfer students to various universities in UK, US, and Australia.

We provide placement services for medical/ dentistry admission for our foundation students in Malaysia, India, Poland, Russia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan… etc.

We have comfortable, well maintained, conducive learning classrooms, labs and library with full Wi-Fi facilities.

The major clientele of the college includes Malaysian government agencies and corporate MNCs like Agilent Technology, Acer Technology, Audio Philips, A.M.D., Hewlett Packard, Intel Technology, Mattel, Motorola, Siemens, Unico Technology …etc.

Please visit our website, Facebook or call us directly for more details. We will be happy to assist you in your journey towards a successful career.

We believe in providing you a holistic education to enrich your life.

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