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Foundation Studies

The faculty of Pre University studies offers the following Programs:

  • Canadian Pre U ( CPU ) program from the ministry of education, Ontario, Canada.

  • Foundation In Science.

The above programs are designed to provide a strong foundation for those students who wish to pursue undergraduate/ degree courses in universities worldwide. The above preparatory courses are focused to equip students with critical thinking and independent learning skills.


Many of our graduates have gone on to study at top universities in UK, US, Canada, India, Poland, Russia…etc.


Our CPU students have achieved the Canada eSchool’s Honor Roll. Both of our CPU and Foundation Science Students have pursued program in the areas of medicine, engineering, science and humanities. The outstanding results and achievements is a solid testimony to our commitment to education.

Further Education

Students who successfully completed the CPU program with full Ontario Secondary school diploma (OSSD) are accepted easily for admission to almost all universities worldwide. 


Many of the reputed medical colleges; including many Indian colleges require only the 3 science subjects like; Physics, Chemistry and Biology of CPU Exam. 


Many of the Canadian Universities require only 4 subjects of CPU to gain admission to their degree programs.


Candidates who completed CPU can proceed to either Associate Degree (1st & 2nd Years of an Hons Degree) or Degree programs. Please refer to our Brochure on Canadian degree transfer for more details. 


Students who completed our foundation in science can proceed to Medical, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing, Computing and Engineering degree courses in various universities in Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Canada...etc. 


The college arranges admission services and credit transfer to various universities worldwide.

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IPTS/ MQA Programs

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