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Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana.


The active compounds of stevia are steviol glycosides (mainly stevioside and rebaudioside), which have up to 150 times the sweetness of sugar, are heat-stable, pH-stable, and not fermentable. These steviosides have a negligible effect on blood glucose, which makes stevia attractive to people on carbohydrate-controlled diets.


Stevia's taste has a slower onset and longer duration than that of sugar, and some of its extracts may have a bitter or licorice-like aftertaste at high concentrations.


The legal status of stevia extracts as food additives and supplements varies from country to country. The European Union & USA approved stevia additives in 2011, and in Japan, stevia has been widely used as a sweetener for decades, AND In Malaysia, Stevia products especially the sweetener are widely spread.

Stevia sweetener comes in a package of 3 drop bottles with 200 drops each, every drop equals 3 tea spoons full of sugar.

This product can be used to sweeten the drinks or even can be used in cooking and baking.


Two types of dealership is available;

1 ) Membership, by entering our marketing System and you can be a Stevia Worrier for Rm 145, and repurchase the products by the rate of Rm 60 per package.

2 ) Whole sale, this option is available for overseas dealers, please contact for more information.


Benefits of Stevia (Scientifically Proven):

•Balances the blood sugar Levels.

•Lowers the Blood sugar levels, suitable

    for diabetes and hypoglycemia.

•Increase the excretion & urine output.

•Increases the Body energy.

What is Unique about Stevia?!

•In liquid form, easy to measure.

•Can be used in food & drinks.

•Just a drop can sweeten 200 ml of water.

•Made of Stevia Extract that has been approved by the Malaysian Food Act.

•The sweetness of one drop equals 3 teaspoons of regular sugar.

•1 bottle of RCC Stevia Sweetener = 200 Drops aprox.